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Beautify Your Journal

I love to Journal it is not only a way to de-stress but it is also a way to tap into my creativity. I wanted to share my favorite supplies I use to Beautify my Journal....

Well, let's start with the basic my Favorite Journals....

#1 Hobonichi Techno...This is a journal that can also be used as a planner, the pages are dated. The best thing about this journal is the tomoriver paper that can hold up to almost any creative medium paint...glue...water color paint...stickers....acrylic paint...etc.

#2 My next favorite Journal is a Basic journal notebook that I use daily for my brain dumps. I love how the paper feels under my pen it glides lovely and the pages hold up well to ink no bleed through.

#3 One of the things that makes journaling fun is using different writing tools. I have recently fallen in love with using fountain pens. This set is affordable and a great way to try out using fountain pens and I love all the colors.

#4 When I feel like getting really creative and adding colo…

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