Monday, August 11, 2014

Shin Han Art Markers ....Close To My Heart

I am super excited I finally received my Shin Han Art Markers from CTMH I love them :-)

Shin Han Art Touch Markers

* a shorter slim tip for your detail art projects
* shorter tips give you more control and makes coloring easier
* they also have broad tip which is perfect to color in large projects
* the colors are awesome and bright
* the marker stay moist and do not dry out easily
* they are also refillable
* the tips can be replaced similar to copics
* they are easy to hold while coloring

Shin Han Art Markers are very similar to Copics ... I used both markers and compared them I love how both images turned out...

1. This image was colored using copic markers
 Copic colors are very similar to Shin Han Art Markers key difference is the tip....Copics comes with a brush tip and Shin Han Art comes with a fine tip. The brush tips do require a brush stroke when coloring to get a even coat. A brush tip is easier to use when trying to create shading and can change the tips in the Shin Han Art to a brush tip if you prefer.

2. This image was colored using Shin Han Art Markers

Shin Han Art Markers are easier to use especially for beginners. The short fine tips gives you lots of control you can easily stay in the line and color little details easily. They are a great marker for beginners just open and color. Shin Han Art Markers can also be used to blend and shade. The color is bright and vibrant it goes on evenly without a lot of effort.

I am excited that I can now offer my customers the Shin Han Art Markers from Close To My Heart I believe they will be a great addition to your crafting supplies. If you have questions and need more information please feel free to contact me
Happy Crafting
Chela :-) 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Just BE

This morning on my walk with Milo I had an epiphany I spend way to much time trying to please the worlds demands and not enough time taking in the beauty of the world around me...all the blessing God has given me so I took sometime to Just Be....I walked and enjoy the peacefulness of the morning the sun the flowers even the bees...what a awesome feeling give it a try :-) 

Bees are so lucky they get to fly around and smell flowers all day :-) 

  The sun peaking through the clouds :-)

Even Milo stop to smell the grass :-) 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Day Another Blessing!!

This summer has been full of blessings...lots of family time and fun in the sun....

We visited Greenbier lake...lovely day for a swim and a walk on the trail

Fourth of July celebration at Laurel Lakes car show and awesome fire works

Made my own summer Sangria

Lots of creating.......

Enjoying my art journal and hand made flowers :-)

and the most important summer Blessing so far the birth of my first grandchild...hate the grandma name but loving little Isaiah :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Lovin

Okay yeah its been a while since I blog but I have a great excuse...OMG...I AM LOVIN THE SUMMER ... since the summer hit its been weekend after weekend of fun....

Summer fun to me is enjoying as much time as I can outside... me and the boys love the park they get to play basketball with friends and I get some me time to work on my artful journal....

I  have also been a party organizer....I created and help plan a baby shower for my daughter... 

I bought all these awesome creative labels from The Unique Day Etsy Shop 

Shaquaya is Ready To Pop!!!
Baby Due July 4th

Last but not least ..... I have been lovin the pool sorry cant bring my crafty things but I get to make lost of memories....

Stay tuned more summer lovin pics to come...and NEW CLOSE TO MY HEART PRODUCTS & NEW CATALOG COMING SOON!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being a mother

Happy Mother's Day :) it has been a lovely day spending time with the kids and I found some time to create :) 

Brunch with the kids  ❤️

And I found some creative time ... A moms day journal page ...

"Being a mother is about strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears you didn't know existed"

Being a mom the hardest job I ever had but it's has made me so strong and who I am Today ... I love bring a mom ❤️