Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Journaling Prompt #2

I hope you ladies are finding a few minutes a day to journal. As promised I am posting journaling prompts for 7 days to help you get started....

Day #2...What is my goal or dream? Why is that important to me/why does it matter?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly Journaling Prompts

I have always loved journaling as a kid I keep a Hello Kitty Diary. I can remember pouring my heart out to my Diary...Dear Diary I hate my life....Dear Diary I kissed a boy ....Dear Diary my parents suck....I told my Diary my deepest darkest secrets...lol.  Now as an adult I have become a journaling addict. My friends ask Chela how do you
have so much to write...what do you write. Well the truth is I have a awful memory and I journal because I want to capture the little things in life we tend to forget. So my journaling can be about my day...something I read...prayer.... a list of to do's...a list of don't do.....why me....gratitude...quotes...and so much more.

So why journal?

You journal to let the voice be heard. You journal to hear yourself.

You journal to tune out the noise of your busy life.

You journal to turn your jumbled mess of thoughts into something that you can actually understand and take action on.

You journal to detox the crud that has built up in your mind.

You journal to find your way out of a problem. You journal to find your way into a solution.

You journal to change your mind state. And to make space for your dreams.

You journal to create before you create, to paint a picture of your dreams and then go out and claim them.

You journal, quite simply, because that is where you find the real you.

How to Journal and Make Sh*t Happen
By Kat Loterzo

So ladies journal just do it dont make it complicated get those thoughts out of your head and on paper for the next 7 days I challenge you to Journal everyday I will give you a list of prompts to help you get started and feel free to share or not lol...if you share please hash tag #journaltherealyou #cdmvdivas

Today journal prompt....
* Values...Living by your values means that you are prioritizing those things and using them as a guiding light and a decision maker on a daily basis.

***It is Important for me to be ___________________.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bible Journaling Fun

I am truly enjoying my Journaling Bible. It really encourages me to get into the word and be creative all in one. I try to keep my process simple and cute. I love using illustrated faith stickers and emphemra. Illustrated faith products help keep my journal page's creative and cute. I also use artloft  water colors from Michaels for my back ground.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Close To My Heart....Every Day Life Planner Page

Here is my CTMH Planner pages for last week....

I am truly enjoying using and decorating this planner ....below is a link to the products I used :-)

CTMH Water color pencils....I use them as color pencils no water!!
I also you use a stamp of the month...sorry that is no longer available :-)
The washi is from Micheal's don't forget your coupons....lol 

Speaking of stamp of the month here February Stamp of the month ...super cute :-)

Get this stamp set for $5.00 with a $50.00 purchase.

Contact me to book a crafty day gathering with friends....make cards, jewelry, scrapbook layouts, etc....so much fun ....chelacreates@gmal.com.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let it Snow...Survival Kit

The time has come...its official its going to snow....SMH!! I have a love hate relationship with the snow it is very pretty but cold...I DON'T LIKE COLD!!!! Not to mention traffic, power outages, bored children...etc.

Well this storm will not catch me off guard I put together the perfect snow survival kit.....

Close To My Heart InstaLife kit...to create a mini book..dont look out the window!!!

Emergency Basket...radio..flash lights..batteries..candles  

water of course

New coloring book

New Crayola Twist-able color pencils ready to color!!!

Wine glass and wine...of course

Frozen...a perfect story about snow and survival...lol 

My Struggle is real shirt.... for motivation
Nails on fleet...because the only thing worst then being snowed in..is snowed in and your nails need to be done...smh...LOL

And of course some good head phones charged and ready to block my children complaints that they are bored.... you better get a coloring book..lol

Monday, January 11, 2016

To Blog or not Blog...2016 question

So I have not been  blogging because I spend my social networking time on Facebook....HI MY NAME IS CHELA IM ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK...HI CHELA :-) Glad I got that out...now the big question is Chela.... do you need to blog, you post everything on FB...probably to much -___-  who really wants to read about you on a blog they know enough...right!!! Well it seems my friends hope you are sitting for this....EVERYONE IS NOT ON FACEBOOK!!! Yup news to me to but recently I have come across people who say NO IM NOT ON FB!!! Wow okay well that made me sad ....why not OMG are you okay....but then I slow came to accept that their are some people in the world who are private and want their lives to be private...sounds pretty lonely...lol just kidding :-) So yes I will try to blog more...disclaimer it wont be nearly as much as I facebook ....but I cant let my non facebook friends miss my life... my selfies...my CTMH products....My cards...my addiction to coloring, planners  and so much more.... so go ahead keep your life private and just check in with me...plesse on my blog...lots to see...lets start with me :-) lol

Live Love Life :-) Chela

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Keep Living

A friend of mines grandfather recently turned 104 at his Birthday Party they asked him what is the secret to a long life he answered "Keep Living!!" Wow just KEEP LIVING....Thank You truly words of wisdom that spoke to me.

So when my friend Melissa ask to go to Build A Bear for her B Day I was happy and ready to go... What started out as a quick visit to make my friend happy turned out to be a 2 hour shopping spree at BAB!!

As soon as I walked into BAB I became a big kid seriously we had so much fun... so many cute Bear Outfits I lost my mind...lol So yeah I built a Bear!!!

And gave her a bath...lol

Meet me my new BAB Paris Hope couldn't decide on the name so she got two names .  Lol 😊 Paris just wants to have fun and is ready for the world...you will see 😀 I had a awesome time.

Keep Living