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Oily girl day

What is a oily girl... a person who is covered in oils all my life... I decided to try to document my daily oily routines that involve using Doterra Essentail Oils 😀

So my mornings always start with starting up my diffuser ....what I use depends on how I woke up did I wake up energized...stressed...sad...mad...etc. This morning I woke feeling good so I decided to diffuse geranium and peppermint for focus...because I have a long to do list and I need to focus today. 

Next its time to shower. While in the shower I cleanse my face with my face serum...I love it, it leaves my face feeling so soft and smells so good 😀

...after showering I use my hair and body moisturizer ....yup it works for my hair and it 😁 which is made with olive oil, cocunut oil, lavander, geranium, peppermint, and melaleuca oil.

For my deodorant I use purify ... It has an energizing smell also so its great in the mornings. 

This my face before yoga for yoga 😜

After yoga I rub m…

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