Plan to forget...embrace life 😉

I had a awesome weekend Saturday was a crop at a friends house and I attended the tattoo convention in Baltimore ....stay tuned for Travel Notebook spread on that amazing day 😀 you would think after an amazing weekend I would be motivated for a awesome week...nope!!!

On Monday I didn't want to do anything and I didn't even have the motivation to get my planner or even try to remember what I had to do. So I took care of my children and just let the day unfold.

 At first I felt guilty I knew there had to be something important I was forgetting...the world needs me I must get up and go...but I didn't I let the spirit guide me and took it my message is yes I am a  planner and without my Planner I'm lost.... so I thought ....but we also have an inner guidance and somedays its okay to put the planner down embrace life and let your inner spirit guide you.

Plan to be happy 😀
Chela ❤


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