Chela Creates Creativity Coach

****Creativity Coaching Session $20.00 an hour bring your creative supplies and I will help you get that planner, journal, scrapbook...etc started.

****Planning Coaching Session $20.00 per hour ... Let's plan to be happy and productive. Be a goal better 😀

**** Creativity Group Session $150.00 (2 hours).... Get your friends together for a crafty fun day. I will teach a crafty fun class.

***Create For Me....$30.00 an hour .... I can get your scrapbook, journal, planner...etc started for you.

*** Vision Board parties...$150.00 (2 hours)
Get a few friends together. Create a vision board to help you make your family goals...personal goals into reality.

Please contact me at 240-353-5996 call or text email


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