Keep Living

A friend of mines grandfather recently turned 104 at his Birthday Party they asked him what is the secret to a long life he answered "Keep Living!!" Wow just KEEP LIVING....Thank You truly words of wisdom that spoke to me.

So when my friend Melissa ask to go to Build A Bear for her B Day I was happy and ready to go... What started out as a quick visit to make my friend happy turned out to be a 2 hour shopping spree at BAB!!

As soon as I walked into BAB I became a big kid seriously we had so much fun... so many cute Bear Outfits I lost my So yeah I built a Bear!!!

And gave her a

Meet me my new BAB Paris Hope couldn't decide on the name so she got two names .  Lol 😊 Paris just wants to have fun and is ready for the will see 😀 I had a awesome time.

Keep Living


  1. Paris Hope is rocking those glasses!!!!
    Looking forward to our next trip.

  2. Paris is adorable!!

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