A few of my favorites...Journal Flip

I was going to do a flip video of my journals....but the way my life is set up...lots of kids all day I never find the time. So here is a few of my current favorite TN journal pages and supplies.

My favorite go to stickers are Create 365 Happy Planner stickers. I use them in my planner, my journals and my bible journaling.

My favorite journals are my new Jane Davenport TN... they are called Butterfly Books...they are so inspiring I love the art work and they call me to create everyime I look at them.

Here are a few page's from my Scripture Writing insert...I use my Create 365 Happy Planner Faith stickers.

Here are a few pages from my wellness insert...this insert is were I keep track of my health and fitness. Basically how do I feel today what did I eat..did I exercise...was I sick...etc. I also add some daily goals/intention and a positive quote.

This insert is were I write my Bible study notes...every month I read a Bible Study book I use the SOAP method ...I journal the scripture...my observation ...application in my life and a prayer.

This insert is my artful prayers I use water colors and stamps for the art work. Then write prayers that I have found in various books and online.

This is journal page is from my..My life insert...in this insert I journal about special days ...events..etc..sometimes I add pictures and sometimes I add artwork about something I want to remember.

I have more I will like to share maybe I should try a video-_-
Anyway I hope I inspired someone to journal more...get those thoughts out your head and on paper....I will be hosting a monthly journaling class please check event tab for dates.

Live Love Life and Create
Chela ❤


  1. I love all of your journals, the one that sticks out at me more is your wellness journal, thats one that i do need to add to my journals, thanks for inspiring me to journal more, yes i have, i've been putting pen to paper. keep more inspirations coming.


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