Peace is Boring

This weeks journal prompt is...what can I use more of in my life right now?

Well this is a loaded questions...there is so many things I can use more of. But what is the one thing you cherish and value that you want more of.

Well for me the answer was Peace can I use more peace in my life...lately I feel like I'm under attack and finding a peaceful moment is so hard. the girl who gives everyone advice on stress management the Christian life coach...has rough days.

On those days I pull out my arsenal...I pray...I journal...I color...I take a walk...I drink wine...then I drink more wine...I plan...I call a friend ... I paint...I draw...I use Essentail oils...I take my vitamins...I eat a healthy meal...I drink lots off water...I can go on and I know how to manage my stress...but wouldn't it be nice if the stress just didn't happen ...wouldn't it be nice to just live in constant peace. Well maybe not ... then I wouldn't take the time to destress and do all the fun things I mentioned.

Maybe God wants me to experience the stress to build me up to make me a stronger Christian...I mean if I didn't experience stress would I read the bible and journal everyday ...would I look for creative things to learn and friends that I can create with.  The more I think about it I think a peaceful life might be boring.  But I'm glad I know how to find peace...its lots of fun 😏😜

Supplies used...
Hobonichi planner
Stickers recollection from Michaels
Doll from Capitol Chic Designs Shop


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