Inspirational Journaling

Listen to your  Heart ❤....

Live with intention listen to your heart and be true to you; make time and create space to do more of what you love; letting go of the rest (ideas, relationships, expectations, clutter)- anything that isn't actively contributing to your happiness and well being.

Set your intention to journal more... Write this in your journal...

***I will journal more, I know that when I write in my journal I feel better- I feel calm, soothed and in control of my life- so I will make it a daily habit.***


Disconnect...from social media when you feel the need to share your life share it with your journal
...instead of reaching for your phone reach for your journal.

Brain dump... When you are having a bad day tell your journal all about it...Dear Journal today sucked .....or Dear Journal today was a awesome day...don't worry your secrets are safe with journal.

Plagiarism Allowed...well sort of don't turn your journal into a autobiography...can't think of anything you want to write about copy it from a book, bible, magazine...etc.

Make it a patient, start small, don't compare yourself to others....
* Start with a small journal.
* Write a simple quote or a sentence about you day daily.
* Its okay to fall off a few days just Keep going.

Journaling Prompts for an inspirational journal…
  1. What is your dream job?
  2. Where do you want to live?
  3. My future looks like this…. What does a day in your future look like? (read this often)
  4. What are your long term career goals?
  5. What are your short term career goals?
  6. What are your long term personal goals?
  7. What are your short term personal goals?
  8. What actions will you take to meet your career goals?
  9. What actions will you take to meet your personal goals?
  10. List 10 things you want.
  11. List fun things you would like to do with family.
  12. List fun things you would like to do with friends.
  13. List fun things to do when you are by yourself.
  14. What are some things you can do to your space today to make it more of your dream space? To make it more of a space that moves your soul?
  15. Quotes by you.
  16. Quotes by others.
  17. Insights.
  18. Scriptures.
  19. Affirmations/Declarations.
  20. Awards. List or add a picture. A picture is nice because if you ever lose it, you have a picture of it in a special place. Include accomplishments. What have you mastered or learned?
  21. Accolades/Compliments/Kind Words/Encouragement – Create a space for these. When you get them, and you will, you will have a space for them.
  22. What do you like about yourself?
  23. The things you love.
  24. What are you thankful for?
  25. Write a manifesto for a beautiful life.
  26. What do you want more of in your life?
  27. What do you want less of in your life?
  28. Bucket list.
  29. Ways to stay fit.
  30. Things I’ve done.
  31. List words that move you.
  32. Dear Past Me.
  33. Dear Future Me.
  34. Daring greatly.
  35. 11 second elevator pitch.
  36. Random acts of kindness for my family.
  37. Random acts of kindness for others.
  38. My name means…
  39. My superhero name would be is… And my superpower would be is …..
  40. Feng Shui Your Whole Life – What would that look like?
  41. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  42. Be the magic. In what ways can you be the magic in your life and the lives of others?
  43. Step back and look at your life objectively. Imagine for a second that you are looking at someone else’s life. What advice would you give to yourself?
  44. List 10 things you need to start doing to be happy.
  45. List 10 things you must stop doing to be happy.
  46. Your circle. Your tribe. Write about your tribe. What about your tribe makes you a better person? How does your tribe add to your life? How do you add to theirs?
  47. Who are your balcony people, the people who cheer you on and encourage you?
  48. What 10 things do you need to do to be successful?
  49. What 10 things do you need to give up to be successful?
  50. The secrets of success.
  51. The secrets of happiness.
  52. Family Manifesto.
  53. The best version of myself looks like this…
  54. What if? Write positive what-ifs for your life. (Ex. What if I am successful beyond my wildest dreams?)
  55. What advice would give to someone who has lost hope? Write the advice you would give to them. Be kind to yourself. Keep this and read it to yourself when YOU need it. 
* I found this information and list of journal prompts on...


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