Weekly Journaling Prompts

I have always loved journaling as a kid I keep a Hello Kitty Diary. I can remember pouring my heart out to my Diary...Dear Diary I hate my life....Dear Diary I kissed a boy ....Dear Diary my parents suck....I told my Diary my deepest darkest secrets...lol.  Now as an adult I have become a journaling addict. My friends ask Chela how do you
have so much to write...what do you write. Well the truth is I have a awful memory and I journal because I want to capture the little things in life we tend to forget. So my journaling can be about my day...something I read...prayer.... a list of to do's...a list of don't do.....why me....gratitude...quotes...and so much more.

So why journal?

You journal to let the voice be heard. You journal to hear yourself.

You journal to tune out the noise of your busy life.

You journal to turn your jumbled mess of thoughts into something that you can actually understand and take action on.

You journal to detox the crud that has built up in your mind.

You journal to find your way out of a problem. You journal to find your way into a solution.

You journal to change your mind state. And to make space for your dreams.

You journal to create before you create, to paint a picture of your dreams and then go out and claim them.

You journal, quite simply, because that is where you find the real you.

How to Journal and Make Sh*t Happen
By Kat Loterzo

So ladies journal just do it dont make it complicated get those thoughts out of your head and on paper for the next 7 days I challenge you to Journal everyday I will give you a list of prompts to help you get started and feel free to share or not lol...if you share please hash tag #journaltherealyou #cdmvdivas

Today journal prompt....
* Values...Living by your values means that you are prioritizing those things and using them as a guiding light and a decision maker on a daily basis.

***It is Important for me to be ___________________.


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