To Blog or not Blog...2016 question

So I have not been  blogging because I spend my social networking time on Facebook....HI MY NAME IS CHELA IM ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK...HI CHELA :-) Glad I got that the big question is Chela.... do you need to blog, you post everything on FB...probably to much -___-  who really wants to read about you on a blog they know enough...right!!! Well it seems my friends hope you are sitting for this....EVERYONE IS NOT ON FACEBOOK!!! Yup news to me to but recently I have come across people who say NO IM NOT ON FB!!! Wow okay well that made me sad ....why not OMG are you okay....but then I slow came to accept that their are some people in the world who are private and want their lives to be private...sounds pretty just kidding :-) So yes I will try to blog more...disclaimer it wont be nearly as much as I facebook ....but I cant let my non facebook friends miss my life... my CTMH products....My addiction to coloring, planners  and so much more.... so go ahead keep your life private and just check in with me...plesse on my blog...lots to see...lets start with me :-) lol

Live Love Life :-) Chela


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