Trying out mix media

I decided to add another creative element to my life ... Mix media art journaling I have been seeing pictures and videos of different artful journals and  I Iove them. It's something I have been wanting to try but I am not to sure about all the different art mediums, paints, gesso, etc I like to keep it simple. I saw a video of a lady using Gelato and it didn't seem to messy or hard to do. I found a gelato kit at micheals so it was meant to be :) Here is what I bought and my first page

I decided to use a mole skin art Book instead of mix media notebook.

It was fun to try out the Gelatos I want to trying more layering of colors and adding more elements. I am happy with my first page simple and heartfelt .... Life is a journey ... Follow your heart <3 


Here is The video I watched :)


  1. Nice, I plan on trying some mixed media today. I love what you've done!!


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