Creative 4 day weekend

I am having an extended 4 day on friday lovely day.... snow on Monday...smh hate the snow but happy to be home with the family :-)

FRIDAY.... went to Photo Scraps bought Prima Bloom Girl them :-)

SATURDAY..... Enjoying the weather walk around the lake creating memories :-)

SUNDAY..... Work on Designing new Close to My Heart Workshop On The Go class..tutorial coming soon!!

Monday ... more snow and family time

Guess I will stop blogging and go play in the snow with the kids .....make more memories for my Simple Pleasures Mini Book :-)

I will be posting a Tutorial for the Simple Pleasures Workshop On The Go soon.

Love Life, Make Memories, and Create :-)


  1. great stuff...glad to see someone will go play in the snow (not me though lol)-I'm busy playing chauffeur with the girl working and all (it sucks) Kat


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