I love yarn shopping....my local yarn shop

During the Holidays I was frantically looking for unique yarn to make christmas gifts...in my search I found a Clover Hill Yarn shop right in my neighborhood and I have not been the same since.... 

OMG... the colors and textures are amazing so much nice yarn....


the staff was so nice, helpful, and very encouraging they supported me in my loom knitting and crochet projects and offered to help me learn to knit when I am ready :-) 

They even wrapped my yarn for me using this awesome yarn winder... I need one of these...

They also have a yarn wheel spinning class I'm definitely not ready for this it looks like exercise equipment...lol !!

Here is what I bought and yes I used it all and my gifts came out amazing... I will be visiting the Clover Hill Yarn Shop again soon :-) 

I am thinking about starting a Crochet/ Knitting Group if your interested email me at chelacreates@gmail.com for more info



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