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My life has been a little crazy this year and my creative juices have suffered.... well lets say they have been dragged into another part of my brain As a result my focus has been finding ways to simplify my scrapbooking and still be creative... I guess I wanted to get more memories scrapped faster and still enjoy the here is what I found in my search....

First I stumble upon Becky Higgins and had a ahhh moment..this is just how I feel!!!

Here is a link to her videos

So after watching the video I realize I wanted to try this unfortunately the kits are sold out but she also recommend trying Simple Stories by Memory Works with the same concept.

 Scrapbooking in pockets is not a new concept but this kit just makes it so cute and simple.

 Now I have what I call my Simply Living Album just for those everyday pics that sometimes dont make it to the layouts or mini books... But I will still continue creating my creative layouts and now I dont feel like every layout has to be a work of art sometimes its okay to just put a picture in a photo sleeve and move on with creating more memories :-)


Here is a link to purchase Simple Stories Kit
and please contact me if you are interested in a Simply Living Class using kits or just using your stash


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