I found out about SMASH journals from Studio Calico Kit Club  they had an exclusive offer for members I fell in love with them right away....I'm glad I did because these little books are in high demand and sold out ever where I check.

What is interpretation is they are scrapbook journals or inspiration journals to just put anything that you feel needs to be SMASHED in one place... this can be notes, keepsakes, shopping list, to do list, pics, favorite quotes...etc

Well I decided what I wanted to SMASH was all those pictures that I never get to scrap the cute everyday family occasion just because... this is concept I have tried before but I think my SMASH journal simplifies the process because its already decorative and I decided to just add a photo, quote or embellishment and far so good.... Check it out

Next page to do :-)

A few favorite pages

Printed pics in a collage so I could get different size pics

Pulled out favorite quote and phrase stickers

Pulled out Journaling pads

Packed and ready to go :-)

So I decided this would be my on the go project for the summer. If anyone is interested in a SMASH CLASS to get you started email me I am scheduling a class soon as well as a summer SMASH journaling class for kids email me at



  1. Very cool Chela! You are deep into SMASHING now! LOL

  2. Hey Chela! I like your idea of what to put in your smash book. I'm either going to buy one or just make my own version.

  3. Thank you Kim should make one I love it and it is true many make their own books...but I have always been a collector of stationary and pretty paper so to have a journal full of it is awesome :-)


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