Never to Sick to create....

Sorry I have not blogged all week I have been a little under the weather...No not really just laryngitis...have no fear I am good and well and still creating in fact I had to create 26 ATC cards yes 26 for a swap they are all done and postal..that means in the mail... so I feel accomplished... I also completed my Eclipse ATC cards they are also postal... so I am having separation anxiety I love creating but I also like to look back at my creations and reminisce about the process but my ATC's are all gone... I hope they are treated with the same love and care I gave

Here are some samples of the alphabet ATC's my letter was F for FASHION.

PS...There is a dirty little rumor going around that I dont do layouts anymore... well I am actually working on a scrapbook project which is almost done so stay tuned :-)



  1. very cute! and it's fun to mix it up sometimes right??

  2. Yes it is we all need a little variety in life :-)


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