A day in the life .....

I dont even believe the amount of things I do everyday I wish I could DVR me to actually see what I did.... half of the time I cant remember I just know that at about 9:00 pm I feel like I am about to pass out... and the rest is a blur.... Lets see what did I do today ????

* made breakfast
* kids to school
* clean
* pay bills
* balance bank account
* check email
* send emails
* update FB
 *client projects
* change baby
* feed baby
* play with baby
* kids home
* snacks for kids
* Sandy came to visit
* crochet a hat and a little girlfriend time
* feed Baby
* change baby
* dinner- order take out
* nail salaon
* rite aid pick up odds and ends
* clean kitchen
* check email
* update Blog
* etc...etc...etc...

I am sure I missed something ......anyway boy what a day ....... I think I am going start taking pics of the things I do everyday and create a mini scrapbook album.... I am always scrappng the kids lets scrap mom... and her life... A Day in The Life Of ......

Want to create a day in the life album with me contact me  chelacreates@gmail.com

* time for shower
* bed
* and TV wtaching me

Good Night :-)



  1. Hi there!! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I wanted to make sure you knew that I will be having a blog hop on Nov 1st and the price will the a paper stack of that paper I used for my LO!!


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